Bigg Boss 13 12th October 2019 Video Episode Update Official Server

Bigg Boss 13 12th October 2019 Video Episode Update

Bigg Boss Season 13 Episode 13 Day 14 (Weekend Ka Vaar)

You are here to get Bigg Boss 13 12th October 2019 Video Episode Update. Bigg Boss 13 Show is an Indian reality TV show hosted by Salman Khan that airs on Colors TV. Voot Bigg Boss 13 will be premiered today and will air Monday through Sunday. Today Bigg Boss 13 12 October 2019 Episode Weekend Ka Vaar aired on Colors TV. Keep watching Colors TV Show Bigg Boss 13 12th October 2019 Video Episode and enjoy. Don’t forget to comment below about today’s latest full episode of Bigg Boss Season 13 online.

Bigg Boss 13 12th October 2019 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss Season 13 Weekend Ka Vaar:

Salman welcomes everyone to the show. Salman says we have 14 days in the end, we will have power weekends where inmates will have the opportunity to gain powers. Salman says that this week, there will be two eliminations. He says that Shehnaaz, Rashami, Koena and Dalljiet are nominated this week. Salman connects the call to the house. Speak quietly and whisper. Paras says we can’t hear you. Salman says that this is the problem with us too, you whisper and you don’t like to see that, you must express your point of view. He asks Rashami why he is doing it. Rashami says I’m sorry.

Rashami says it was only one day, we were talking lightly while others slept. Salman says you do it on homework, if you want the program to be destroyed, do it, what were you say? Rashami says I was talking about pots and that I didn’t feel comfortable with Arti. Salman says that people are here to get images, ask if someone is receiving the images, so what happens? Paras and Mahira look like fools if they keep talking about others getting the images. We decide who gets the footage and who doesn’t. He is not here to decide who should get the footage. Paras says that Mahira talks about the footage, I don’t. Salman says I can show you clips. Salman says that I want to give him all the news, we will have an end in 2 weeks, there will only be 3 girls and 3 boys left to move on, everyone else will go home. Salman says we are here to make connections.

Shehnaaz says that my connections are broken. Salman says mine too. Everyone laughs Salman asks Abu who will go ahead. He says Shefali, Shehnaaz, Devoleena. Shukla says Shehnaaz, Arti and Dalljiet. Salman asks Asim. He says Rashami, Shehnaaz, Arti. Siddharth D says that some women think they should move on, he thinks they should be Rashami, Arti and Shefali. Paras says they should be Shehnaaz, Arti and Rashami because of their connections. Does Salman say you will take these girls forward? He said no. Salman asks Siddharth D who will he lead? He says Shefali. Koena says the champion will win the show and his Siddharth D, Siddharth S and Paras. She says I’m not here to impress the girls, Shehnaaz said all the girls are crap here. Shehnaaz says I’m here to get attention and provide entertainment.

Koena says to talk about me in front of me. Shehnaaz says we are all afraid of him. I notice everyone and imitate them, but she looks at me, imitating is not bad. Koena says that Mahira is Paras’s good friend, I don’t know about others, I don’t have the personality to pretend things. Salman says that nobody is faking anything here. Devoleena says they should be Abu, Paras and Shukla. Mahira says it should be Paras, Shukle and Siddharth D. Salman asks Shehnnaz. She says Shukla, Abu and Paras. Arti says it should be Paras, Shukla and Asim. Dalljiet says the same. Salman says let’s talk about nominations, he asks Devoleena if becoming a queen is easy. She says no. Salman says NASA is investigating how you became the queen. Paras says that Siddharth S said he would support Shehnaaz, I told him he would support her, but she changed her attitude in the task, created misunderstandings and is childish.

Shehnaaz says I can’t trust him. Salman says that Paras is sailing on two ships, if you nominate someone, that would be harmed. Arti says it’s not Mahira’s fault, Paras is behind all this, he was playing a game and telling different things to different people. Paras says I didn’t force anyone. Salman says that Paras confused anyone and nobody knew who should become queen. Salman says that Siddharth S is safe. Salman gives a cutting board to Shukla. He asks who would you save if you could today? He says Shehnaaz. Salman says that Shehnaaz is safe. He ends the call. Siddharth S tells Rashami that I thought we had finished our problem.

I spoke kindly to you. Rashami says we don’t speak normally, you should control your tongue, I don’t like it when you say you do favors for others. Siddharth S says you know about things. Rashami says that if you think you did a favor, you are wrong. Rashami tells Shehnaaz that Siddharth S knows me, he said no forgiveness. Siddharth S says I cleared everything last night. Rashami says I don’t believe it. Dalljiet asks them to solve it. Rashami says I don’t like to argue. Siddharth S says that I spoke kindly to you, what else do you want? Rashami says I’ll talk to you when I feel like it.

Bigg Boss 13 Stage:

Salman connects the call to the house. Shehnaaz says that Siddharth D hugged me so tightly. Salman asks if it has any good quality. Devoleena says she likes to help others. Salman connects the call with the caller of the week. The caller asks Rashami when he will show his personality. Rashami says that I will make sure to do my homework and don’t let others say I didn’t do it. Salman tells Rashami that you said that when you start playing, everything will go wrong, so start playing.

Salman says inmates will have opportunities to have powers. He says it’s time for the Sultani fight and you’ll also get a power card. He says that Shefali and Mahira will come to the fight. Mahira says we don’t fight. Salman says that now both will. The first round of the fight begins, Shefali says that I defend my point and adopt my posture. Mahira says that I take my position and made good connections. Shefali says she goes back when someone confronts her. Mahira says that I have done my homework well and I am showing myself. Two votes for Shefali and others vote for Mahira.

Shukla doesn’t vote for anyone. In the second round, Mahira pushes Shefali down for the first point. Shefali wins the second point. Both fight and push each other. Mahira is hurt a little, but Mahira wins in the end. Salman says you get a medal and also a power card. He says that people are fighting for food in the house, you can go on a date, you can order anything and take another inmate. She says I’ll take Paras with me. He whistles. Salman says it was the best fight in Sultani to date. Some comedians enter the stage. Salman laughs at his antics. They perform some tasks. Salman watches a clip of Siddharth D dancing in mujhko kia hua hai. Everyone laughs

Bigg Boss 13 House:

Mahira and Paras enjoy their date. Mahira says I’ve never had a date like this, nobody proposed to me. Paras says what? Mahira says that I do things after thinking about life. Paras says that you are sitting far away from me. Mahira says you’re my friend, stop flirting. Paras says keep eating, you look good.

Bigg Boss 13 Stage:

Salman connects the call to the house. He says there will be a double elimination this week. He says that Dalljiet is eliminated. He says you played well and played with dignity. He closes the show session. Dalljiet says that I am happy. She hugs everyone. Dalljiet asks Shukla to take it easy. She says I’m going to meet my son. She leaves the house. Rashami cries. Shehnaaz comforts her. She tells him that you are not going, we are going to fight a lot. Paras tells Asim that he didn’t expect that.

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