Bigg Boss 13 13th October 2019 Video Episode Update Official Server

Bigg Boss 13 13th October 2019 Video Episode Update

Bigg Boss Season 13 Episode 14 (Weekend Ka Vaar)

You are here to get Bigg Boss 13 13th October 2019 Video Episode Update. Bigg Boss 13 Show is an Indian reality TV show hosted by Salman Khan that airs on Colors TV. Voot Bigg Boss 13 will be premiered today and will air Monday through Sunday. Today Bigg Boss 13 13 October 2019 Episode Weekend Ka Vaar aired on Colors TV. Keep watching Colors TV Show Bigg Boss 13 13th October 2019 Video Episode and enjoy. Don’t forget to comment below about today’s latest full episode of Bigg Boss Season 13 online.

Bigg Boss 13 13th October 2019 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss Season 13 Weekend Ka Vaar:

Salman enters dancing in Dil mere dhak dhak dole. He says, welcome everyone. Salman says that these are our weekends of power. All contestants would want to get a special power this weekend and how they would benefit from it. Four people were nominated. Shehnaaz was declared safe among these four. Dalljiet is already evicted. Let’s see who would be evicted from the rest of the nominated contestants. That means Rashmi and Koena. We will enter and know who will be evicted. Salman meets the partners. He says Shehnaaz, why do you look upset? Why are you safe? She says no, I am very happy.

I thought that if I left at the beginning everyone would say, why did you go in the first place? Then my respect would be gone. Salman says: do you mean the contestant who would go today and the one he was yesterday? Your respect is gone? She says no, no. I mean, they are big stars. I would be very upset. Someone challenged me that I would be out the first week. I can’t show my face to anyone. Rashmi says there was a lot of silence in the house today morning. And seeing Sana’s face made me laugh. I asked him why are you upset? She said I don’t want to go, or that the whole Punjab would make fun of me that Sana why did you go in the first place? Siddharth Dey says he was very sad but he did my makeup and hair.

Salman says that helped? He laughs. Salman says that Rashmi and Koena are in danger. Let’s see who would be evicted. Both would be thinking, the other would go. But one of you would have a misunderstanding. What reminds me, go to use misunderstandings with balloons on the head. They wear the headdresses of balloons. Salman says that these balloons are your misunderstandings. And another person would eliminate them. Who would be first? He should be the most handsome man in the house. Abu says that Koena’s would fly. She thinks I’m partial and against her.

Asim says that Paras would fly. ‘ He has hurt Sana for the third time. He thinks he can convince her every time. She will not return now. Salman says he had first? Asim says yes at the beginning. Salman says Mahira, what misunderstanding would you like to eradicate? Or fly a balloon over yourself? Does she say you think I have misunderstandings with myself? Salman says I didn’t say that. Mahira asks Sidharth to use the balloon. Salman says we are going Sidharth. She blows a balloon. Maria says that he thinks he is a gentleman, but a man should also be a gentleman of his tongue. Sidharth says when did I say here that I am a gentleman? Mahira says that this is how you show yourself, but you are not.

Sidharth tells Salman, sir, you say so. Mahira says we can say better because we live in this house. If you tell a girl that her shoes are better than her face, then you are disgusting. Salman says he said that? She says she did. Does Salman say show me the shoes? She says that you also think the same? Salman says no, that you are very beautiful. And Sidharth this is an incorrect comparison. Sidharth says yes. I was chatting with her. He showed his shoes, so I told him that the shoes are more beautiful than his face. Mahira says that was not what happened. He was talking to Asim, he told him to let him go with who you are talking to. Salman says you showed him your shoe? Mahira tells him he said, talk with my hand. Then, I tied my shoelaces. That was when he said that. His words are look is disgusting.

Sidharth says I thought you showed me your shoe. He says that my shoes are better than yours. Mahira says no, that my sandals are better. Salman says that if his shoes are better than his Mahira sandal, Mahira’s face is better than his. Mahira says thanks. Salman says now Paras. He says that Siddharth Dey’s balloon would fly. He shouts so bad dialogues that people would have ear cancer. Everyone laughs He says that Siddharth Dey says those things, you don’t know whether to cry or laugh. Salman says what is the misunderstanding then? Paras says he thinks people would laugh but not. Everyone laughs. Salman says who is next? ** Shefali stands up and says he would do it to Sidharth Shukla. He believes he is the only one educated here. But I think it’s proven that he has no manners.

This shoe thing too. Sidharth Shukla says when I said I am polite. Salman says stand up Siddharth Dey. He says that Mahira’s balloon would fly. She is such an idiot, she had the opportunity to have an exotic date with Salman. But who wasted it with? Mahira laughs. Salman says she only had a date with the fruit. Salman says Rashmi. She says she would fly Sidharth Shukla’s balloon and eliminate her misunderstanding that she once did me a favor. He has no entrance in me ever. Salman says he knew that Sidharth would blow all his balloons first. Shukla, not Dey. You are being popular. Salman says Abu, give your crown to Siddharth Shukla. And get one more for you. Abu says nobody is getting rid of that. Salman says next, Koena. She says Sana. Shehnaaz said, there are only teasing and dancing in the show.

I think there are people who are fans of education and dignity. Salman says you’re right, but this program doesn’t have that format. There must be dignity but with the things you are dealing with, in the house. Koena says: do you think it’s okay to make fun of the house? And judge? Salman says that imitating and doing well is. She was entertaining sweetly everyone. Koena says I don’t agree. Even yesterday he said that all the girls in this house are useless. Salman tells Shehnaaz that you said that? Shehnaaz says I must have said that but with anger. I never meant that I am great and that everyone else is useless. I blow his. I just want to say that entertaining is important. It would be something else if I liked it. I don’t like these boring things. Salman says that you also said things to her Koena. Koena says I only reacted.

Salman says you called her want to be and servant. Koena says it was a reaction. Salman says he doesn’t like politics, he was just imitating. It is not his age. Koena says I agree. But it was all my reaction. Salman says everyone has a different personality here. That is the mentality of this country. Everyone has a different background. You cannot agree with everything. Salman says yes Shehnaaz, do you want to fly another balloon? She says she didn’t want to fly his. I know she is nominated and how she feels. Salman says why then? She says with anger. She was talking badly about me. I love you, it’s okay. Kiss Koena’s cheek. Salman says I should say I love you, it’s fine. You blew his balloon. She says I want to fly the Phiphi now.

Salman says why? He was good. She says it’s not cute now. When I ask you to sing. He does not do it. One day Koena said, call Phiphi (Abu). He said something about me. Phiphi arrived with a cushion in his mouth. He is scared, so I don’t like that. He says it’s okay to blow it up. Salman says you could also prick his stomach. Everyone laughs Salman asks Sidharth Shukla. He says he would fly Sana’s. She thought she would be evicted, but we were sure it wouldn’t be. So. Salman asks Devoleena. She blows Abu’s. Devoleena says he thinks some are strong and others are weak. Then we should save the weak and nominate the strong. So this is a misunderstanding. I want to fly two balloons. Salman says only one. Salman asks Arti. She blows Koena’s. Arti says he thinks I beg people to take care of saving me. Because I want to live here for two months. She thinks I beg you. Koena says I never called you a beggar.

Arti says yes, that you said that I am a beggar and that I have no personality. Then it is not like that. It was a task. She did it, everyone heard it. Koena says I don’t have a group or gang there. Devoleena says it was there when you said it. Arti says it was just a task. Then I asked people to save me. She called me a beggar for that. Koena says that Siddharth Dey came to me to apologize on the day of the nomination. I said it’s fine. Salman says that is your generosity. Siddharth Dey says: what would you resent and hate doing? We are here only for a few days. What was Sikandar if he won the world with atrocities? Salman says repeat, please. Siddharth Dey repeats the couplet. Everyone claps. Salman says speak Koena.

Siddharth Dey says that I … Salman says Koena. Koena says I didn’t ask anyone to save me. Salman says that everyone can do and say what they want. It’s okay to ask people, it’s also good not to ask. It’s okay to forgive people, it’s also good not to. Salman says anyway, think about these things. What things Shehnaaz? Shehnaaz says, how long does it take to keep your plate in place? Devoleena says yes, how long does it take to fold the clothes and put them in the closet? How long does it take to clean the basin? Salman says to continue, I will return. Shehnaaz hugs Devoleena. Arti tells Shehnaaz that I did well? She spoke against you, I said against her (Koena) too. Shehnaaz says he was lying.

Devoleena tells Koena that you used this word. I was there. Koena says I said it. But she said many things against me. Koena says you’re making a gang. Devoleena says you make gangs. You try to take a look at different gangs. I do not do that. Don’t talk to me like that. You lie and accept that. Arti says you told Salman that you never said that. You lie. Koena says I said I was begging. Devolena says: what do we call the one who prays? Koena says let me talk too. If Arti begs everyone. Devoleena says you call other people illiterate. Arti says that you always judge people, who are illiterate. They have no manners. That is a beggar. It does not work like that. Salman says we will have our special guest now. I would grant him our love. Let’s welcome Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Nawazuddin enters the scene. Salman says that Nawaz looks good. He is here to tell us about his next movie Motichoor Chaknachoor.

He says that all of India is curious about this movie. Because this is the first time we see him as a romantic protagonist with our heroine. Nawaz says that this movie is about a girl who wants to marry but with someone who has worked abroad because she wants to travel abroad. And the guy is 30 years old and not married. You know how it feels when you’re not married. Everyone laughs Nawaz says that when you get married there is more pain. I know that. Similarly, this is what the story is about. I learned one thing with this movie, nobody can have the romantic feeling Salman has. That attitude, that dance, please teach us so that our films are also successful. Salman says to do Jummay ki raat hai.

Let’s take a step. Salman and Nawaz dance in Jummay Ki Raat. Salman teaches Nawaz. Salman says what else now? He says that now I want to learn that ride. Salman walks towards Nawaz. Nawaz walks like him. Salman says his movie will run, don’t worry. Salman says it will launch on November 15. Go see it. Salman says: Do you know what would happen on October 13? We would take a selfie. Salman takes a selfie with Nawaz. Nawaz leaves. Salman says the inmates had a misunderstanding that we have no guests in the house. So, to fly that balloon, we have two musical personalities in the house. Two guests would go to the house. Says Sunny Leoene Orchestra. What kind of name. He says orchestra. The guests enter the house. Everyone dances with them. He welcomes you to the sunny Lioness Orchestra.

He says he has everything but Sunny Leone. I’m Vicky and this is my brother-in-law Ticky. You live here but you don’t have television. But the irony is that you are on television. Ticky says you fight for tea at eggs. You will get everything except after entertainment. Vicky sings for them. He says this is for Dilljiet. I went out the ka waar weekend, Salman shouted, Mahira pouted. Dilljiet, don’t you miss her? She did nothing as such. Vicky says do you like magic? Shukla says yes. He says we would do magic for you. Risk our lives. Vicky takes a yellow cloth and covers himself. It disappears when the fabric falls. Everyone claps. They saw him run. Shukla says one more. He says there is no magic. Vicky says another. He takes a toy chick and kisses him. The girl starts running. Vicky falls says he’s dead. This magical risk lives. Vicky says that now you would see Madhuri duplicated. Madhuri enters and dances.

Paras dances with her. She takes Abu’s hand and dances with him. Madhuri says that everyone is playing very well with each other’s feelings. I go now. Ticky says that we now have Nawazudding Siddiqui duplicates. Enter the real Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Everyone is shocked. Ticky says you look real. He says: am I duplicate? Vicky says you have to prove you’re real. Say that dialogue. Nawaz takes the microphone. Ticky says he is the original. Ticky says that Devoleena takes the stage. Here is your necklace of gems. Makes Devoleena wear a garland of actors. Ticky now says that who is doing well here, Nawaz would give him this bag of flour. The first name is Shehnaaz. She has to imitate a ghost. Shehnaaz tries to scare everyone. Ticky gives him a plate of flour. He says the next one is Vicky Ticky to dance in Saki Saki. He says, but how can we dance without Koena? Koena dances on Saqi Saqi. Vicky Ticky dances with her.

Vicky says: what should we give Nawaz? Nawaz gives him another plate of flour. Ticky says that the next name is Siddharth Dev. He has to do a romantic dance with Shefali. Shefali and Siddharth Dey dance in Kundi na Kharkao Raja. Everyone laughs Ticky asks Koena what did you see? She says only Siddharth has returned. Everyone laughs She says I screamed, he turned his face towards me. Nawaz gives them flour. Vicky says thank you sir for coming. Nawaz leaves. Ticky says we’ll play a game now. You can win flour and tea. Ticky says you have to get the apples. The first players are Arti and Rashmi. Arti and Rashmi are tied to each other in the opposite direction. They try to throw and pick apples.

Arti picks the apples. Ticky says that the next team game has a team. He says the first team would have Paras and Dey. The second team would have Shukla and Asim. Then all the boys. He says that a man has to pick cherries in his mouth and another partner holds his legs. You just have to walk your arms. Everyone laughs at them. Dey and Paras win. They get the flour. Ticky and Vicky leave. Salman says let’s see what the inmates have to say. Salman asks how you liked Sunny Leone Orchestra without Sunny Leone? Shukla says it was fun. Salman says that you also earned flour. Rashmi also says cake. Salman says Koena after how long did he perform saqi saqi? She says one year. Salman says fantastic performance. Paras and Dey who trained you for that cherry game? Dey says we just trained living here.

Salman says that now I will take some names. They have to go sit under the showers in the room and answer our questions. If most disagree with your answer, the shower would spill over you. He says Paras, Shehnaaz, Dey. Go change. They are going to change. Salman asks Paras who is the most comprehensive girl in the house. Says Devoleena. Most agree with him. Salman asks who looks prettier without makeup. He says everyone does it. But Mahira Everyone agrees. Salman asks: can girls trust Paras? He says yes sir. Most inmates disagree. Dey says yes they can. Salman says that Mahira agrees. Because you called her the prettiest without makeup. A week ago it was Shehnaaz. He says no, I mean … Salman says we all listen. Don’t you think she is the Punjab Kartrina? Everyone claps.

Salman says that most think that girls can’t trust you. It rains sand on him. Salman says the following question, if Shehnaaz has the opportunity, would he nominate Paras or Shukla? He says Paras. Shehnaaz says I agree. Most agree. Salman says Shehnaaz, go now. Salman asks who lies more? She says Paras. 6 people agree with her. Salman says half agree, half don’t. Then it is a rain of ice. Shehnaaz screams. She says you took off your makeup. I don’t look good without makeup. Salman says yes. Salman says she said you lie. He says I don’t lie. If people think I do it, it is their problem. Show your personality. Salman says that you are also far from the group. Everyone laughs Salman asks Shehnaaz who is the hero in the house. She says Paras. All the girls like it. Salman says Shukla, do you agree? He says yes. Most disagree. It rains sand on it. Salman asks who is the most bitter in the house.

She says Paras. Paras says she takes my name on everything. No one agrees. Salman says that nobody agrees. It rains a red color over it. She says I’m an army man. Salman says who is the sugar knife? She says Rashmi. Most disagree. It rains again on her. Shehnaaz says they are doing it intentionally. Dey says that everyone should accept what I say. Salman says that you are here at the request of the public. Who is the drama in the house? Dey says Shehnaaz. Only Koena agrees. It rains blue on him. Salman asks who is double drum? He says Abu. It rains mud on it. Everyone laughs Salman asks who works less? He says Abu. Most agree. Salman says who is the vampire? Dey says to raise your vampire hands. Paras says take my name. He says Paras. Salman says that I asked a girl. Shower. Salman says who complains more. He says Abu. No one agrees. It rains feathers on him.

Salman says to go out now that you have wings. You look good. Hen man. Everyone laughs Salman says that Rashmi and Shukla go to the confession room. They come to the confession room. Salman says that this is a task of power. Whoever wins gets power. This task is between Rashmi and Shukla. There is a wire cutter box in the store. There are two bombs in the house. The bombs can explode at any time, so Rashmi and Shukla are in danger. Only the bomb squad can save them. Include the rest of you. You have to come and cut the wire of the person you want to get the power card. You must also state the reason why you want that person to obtain the power card. Whoever has more wires cut will have the power cut. First is Arti. Arti cuts Shukla’s. She says I’ll cut her own because she wanted to make me queen but Rashmi broke my boat. Devoleena cuts Rashmi’s.

She says I have very good connections with her. Koena cuts Sidharth’s. She says she showed me the mirror that people who are friends won’t defend me. And that was demonstrated here. Shefali cuts those of Rashmi. She says that Rashmi is very mature. I have a good connection with her. Paras says I’ll cut Rashmi’s. I don’t want it to explode. She can eat things and me too, if she gets the power. Mahira cuts the Rashmi cable. She says that I think Rashmi is mature and would use her power wisely. Then I would save her. Asim says he would cut Sid’s wire. He would use his power wisely. Abu says my support for Sid because he is a good friend. Shehnaaz says he would cut Sid’s. Salman says cut what? Everyone laughs Shehnaaz says wire because he is strong. I gained strength since I started grouping with him.

Salman says who would you cut Dey from? He says Rashmi. Because I have a heart attached to her. Salman says this is a tie. How can we do the tiebreaker? Devoleena It is your responsibility. She says they are both good friends to me. Salman says it’s your decision. She says it’s hard. Salman says they won’t mind. Devoleena cuts Rashmi’s. She says that Rashmi was my first friend here. She cuts the Rashmi cable. Salman says congratulations Rashmi. Salman says that if you are safe today, Shukla would be your protector. She says I don’t want it. Everyone laughs Rashmi says I return it. Salman says until the next Bigg Boss order. Salman says it’s the most difficult time of the episode. Now he would take the name of who would be evicted from here. Rashmi or Koena. One of you would end your trip here today.

The one that is leaving this house is, Koena. She says thanks, guys. Goodbye. She leaves the house. Shehnaaz hugs Koena. She apologizes for any mistake. Koena says it’s ok, this show is like that. Everyone hugs Koena. Paras says I’ll see you outside. She leaves. Shehnaaz says he would do your performance. Salman says there is another program related to Bigg Boss, Bigg Buzz. Priyank Sharma, the former contestant who is related to that program, would now go home. Priyank enters the house and dances with tera hum. He says everyone should ask why I am here. There are many explosions here. Your fans have created a buzz outside. So I’m here to connect both. I would take some names here. You have to come here and tell me who you would go to in the next few days. Call Rashmi on stage. Rashmi says Shehnaaz. Shehnaaz enters the scene. Rashmi says I’ve always seen his cute side. I want to see your real side too. Your decision not to be immature. She must be here for a reason. She marks a red cross on Shehnaaz’s face. Arti enters the scene. She says Shefali. She marks the face of red Shefali.

Arti says that he suddenly goes with people and tells them that he is on his side. She only does that until it works for her. If Dey leaves, her stand by would be Paras. So she is my next goal. Shefali says we’ll see. Mahira says Shukla. She marks her red face. Paras says no one would put it in his eyes. Mahira says he has no manners. I would teach him manners if he misbehaves. The next is Dey. He says Abu. Dey says he came here as the helpless but now flying with his wings. Paras says Abu. Paras colors his face. Paras says he is a manipulator. When his own boys came here, he was worried that the color would not enter his eyes. Shefali’s entire face was colored but he didn’t care. He did not oppose Shehnaaz. Abu says that I also spoke for her. Arti says I didn’t listen. Paras says he now acts like a child. Asim says to take it easy now. Paras says, give him a test of reality. Paras and Abu fight. Priyank says the boys calm down.

Mahira says that Paras calms down. Priyank says the next one is Shukla. He says I don’t want to point anyone. Rashmi says why do we play this game then? This is not fair. We can cancel it. Shukla says I say what I mean. Rashmi says that I like Shehnaaz. So I also gave a reason why we had to play this game. Priaynk says you can tell someone you think is strong. Shukla says Abu. Because Priyank is strong, says Shehnaaz. Shehnaaz says he would bring it. She holds Dey’s hand and says haan tu hai. She says he plays the dual games. Priaynk says Shefali. She says Arti. Shefali says he doesn’t have his own position. She gets into other people’s fights. If she messes with me, we can do one by one.

Devoleena says Dey. Devo says he does all the feminine things. I should give the girls their chance. Asim says Paras. He thinks he knows the game well. Try telling people what to do. Priyank says Abu. Abu says Dey. He is a good thinker and plays well. He pretends to be Mr. Bean but he is Mr. Bond. Priyank says thanks for telling your goals. Kill him with kindness. Nice job. He’s leaving. Shefali and Arti fight. Arti says he has no mind. Mahira says calm down Arti. Arti says look how he speaks. She keeps saying my foot, my foot. Mahira says we are all tired. Calm down. Shefali says you’ll see it. Arti says you see what? Shefali says that you are such a player. You keep changing equipment. My foot. Salman says they would focus on each other and that we would enjoy it together.

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