Bigg Boss 13 14th October 2019 Video Episode Update Official Server

Bigg Boss 13 14th October 2019 Video Episode Update

Bigg Boss Season 13 Episode 15

You are here to get Bigg Boss 13 14th October 2019 Video Episode Update. Bigg Boss 13 Show is an Indian reality TV show hosted by Salman Khan that airs on Colors TV. Voot Bigg Boss 13 will be premiered today and will air Monday through Sunday. Today Bigg Boss 13 14 October 2019 Episode Weekend Ka Vaar aired on Colors TV. Keep watching Colors TV Show Bigg Boss 13 14th October 2019 Video Episode and enjoy. Don’t forget to comment below about today’s latest full episode of Bigg Boss Season 13 online.

Bigg Boss 13 14th October 2019 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss Season 13 Day 15:

Time: 12:45 PM

Paras washes the dishes and tells Shehnaaz that you are an idiot. Shehnaaz says you like to do this, you have no feelings. Paras says I have feelings for you. Shehnaaz says that what happened was forever. Paras says to look me in the eye. Shehnaaz says you’re making me angry, you’re still chattering Mahira … Mahira. Paras says to stay away from me, don’t do this. She pinches him and cries while sitting on the floor. Paras laughs and asks for forgiveness.

Time: 3:00 PM

Arti tells Devoleena that Shukla is a little worried, I know he’s close to Shehnaaz, but I’ll have to talk to him. Siddharth S asks Arti if he talked to Devoleena? Arti says I just told him that he pinched you a little, I just ask you not to trust anyone too much, I know you are someone really likes it, but you must understand that we are not a family here, we are all playing alone, so don’t ruin your game for one person. Shukla says everyone will play just for them.

Time: 4:15 PM

Siddharth S asks Shehnaaz to continue massaging his hand. Shehnaaz says talk to me so he doesn’t bore me. She massages her hand and yawns. They hold hands and fall asleep. Arti sees him and talks to Devoleena. Arti says he sees you as fair, so he was disappointed. Paras comes and tries to take Shehnaaz. Arti tells Devoleena that I like Shehnaaz but she goes overboard. Paras takes Shehnaaz to the kitchen and says that I have prepared the food for you. Shehnaaz says I was massaging Shukla’s hand when I fell asleep, I tell you I was just massaging her. Paras says I said nothing.

Time: 4:30 PM

Arti tells Devoleena that there were articles about me and Siddharth S coming out, I was worried that they would unite us more, I want to get married and settle in life. I’m focused on getting married next year and having children, I’m not so career oriented. He called me and told me that we know there is nothing behind those rumors, I had a small fight with Sid, but I realized that it is fair.

Devoleena tells Arti and Shehnaaz that Rashami has a problem with Siddharth S, has the feeling that Siddharth S influences you, she would think the same of me since I’m spending time with you. Shehnaaz says what he talks about when you are with her. Devoleena says normal conversations. Shehnaaz says she is normal Arti laughs.

Bigg Boss Season 13 Day 16:

Time: 8:00 AM

Inmates wake up with the song Paisa Paisa. Everyone wakes up and dance.

Time: 09:30 AM

Siddharth S asks Rashami to give him vegetables, he will cut it. Asim says that I can clean the bathrooms, but I don’t like these things for cooking. Devoleena says we all have to exchange, I will ask someone to have lunch. Devoleena comes to Mahira and asks him to clean. She says I will clean the garden area. She asks Siddharth D to wash the dishes. He says give me something else. Shefali agrees to wash the dishes. Mahira says that cutting vegetables is easy, ask him to give Siddharth S the duty to clean. Does Devoleena ask Siddharth S if he will wash the dishes? He says that I am also cutting the vegetables and cleaning the room.

Time: 11:30 AM

Siddharth S tells Shehnaaz that we can cut vegetables and that you can cook, we can take this duty from Rashami. Shehnaaz says she is not happy with the kitchen, she is giving half-cooked food. I don’t understand why Mahira is behind her.

Time: 11:45 AM

Devoleena asks Asim not to wash the dishes. Asim says I’ll just clean the bathroom, I’m not doing anything else. Rashami says he is dividing the task for everyone, everyone should clean their dishes so that a person does not have to wash all the dishes. Paras tells Mahira that the bathrooms are not clean. Mahira says we clean it a lot, we are like vomiting, there are so many things there.

Paras says that if you’re hot, then you’re out. Shehnaaz says we are already reserved. They talk about hair and Arti says there are no words like hairs. Siddharth D says that if they use hairs for two different people, you can bet with me. five pm Devoleena tells Paras that we will break the glass of his weight box safe. Paras says you have to. Rashami takes a weight and goes to his safe.

Arti takes the weight. Rashami tries to go to his safe, but Arti pushes her. Rashami laughs. Shefali removes the dumbbell from Devoleena. Shefali says that this weight should not fall on foot. Devoleena says he then leaves. Rashami takes Devoleena from there raising her. Shefali says I will defeat her if she returns.

Time: 2:45 PM

Bigg Boss tells inmates that there will be a double eviction this week too, one will be a boy and another will be a girl. The nominated children are Abu, Paras, Siddharth D and Asim. Shefali reads a homework for girls. Team A will have Rashami, Mahira and Devoleena. Team B will have Arti, Shefali and Shehnaaz. The boys will have their own tables and money on the tables. The girls have to steal the money and put it in their safe, they can also steal from others, the team that will have more money at the end of the task will win and be safe from nominations. Devoleena is safe from nominations, but will be part of Team A.

Rashami tells Paras that I will get money from Abu easily. Paras says steal if you can. Abu tells Asim and Siddharth S that this is the game between Mahira and Rashami if that team wins. Asim says but we wanted Shefali to be evicted. Siddharth S says that team has two people to target, we want Mahira to leave, so make sure you don’t give them money. Siddharth D tells Shefali that I have to think how much money to give them, I will give you 90 percentage of the money. Shefali says you know that Asim is crazy.

Asim tells Rashami that you sit together and it seems to be a group. Rashami says you think like that, we invite you. Asim tells Abu that they always play a game, Shehnaaz always saves Siddharth S, so I have to think about myself. Shehnaaz tells Asim to save me and Arti, why are you playing on Rashami’s side when you don’t like talking to her Abu tells Siddharth S that I don’t want to give all my money to a girl. Asim says we have friends on the sides. Siddharth D tells Shefali that I will give them just for you. Siddharth S tells Abu that he didn’t change his friends, I stay with my friends and I don’t change sides as the game changes.

Shefali tells Siddharth D that you know I only have one connection with you, it seems that you are trying to save Arti. Siddharth D says I don’t like this, he leaves. Rashami tells Siddharth D that we can be cornered. Paras tells Mahira that he stole 3 packages of money. The bell rings and the game begins, Shehnaaz hugs Rashami. Arti and Shefali begin to bring money for their safety. Mahira takes money from Abu. Paras also gives him money. Rashami steals Siddharth D.’s money Shefali runs with Siddharth D.

Mahira’s money throws Asim’s table and takes money from there. Shefali takes the money too. Paras gives his money to Devoleena and Mahira. Arti also steals from Abu. Abu asks Arti to take money from him. All the girls run away with the money they can get. Arti takes off his jacket and puts Asim’s money inside. Siddharth D gives 60 percentage of his money to Devoleena. Shefali approaches him and tells him he’s not on my team, why did you do it? Shefali goes and tries to steal from Devoleena, but Arti asks him to leave him. You can not do that. Shehnaaz thanks Asim for giving Arti the money.

Time: 3:45 PM

Siddharth D tells Shefali that I also gave you a lot of money. Mahira says they are playing dirty. Asim shouts that you stole from me. Mahira says you said you would give us money. Rashami says you are fake.

Time: 4:00 PM

Shefali tells Siddharth D that you didn’t give me, you have a connection with me. Siddharth D says you should be with everyone, do you think I’m wrong? Shehnaaz says you are wrong. Rashami tells Abu that you also cheated in a game. Devoleena says I don’t like people who attack from behind. Shefali says it happened from both sides, Siddharth D went to the other side. Shehnaaz says that you form a group when you are on a task. Mahira says you make groups, not me.

Time: 4:45 PM

Shefali tells Shehnaaz that Siddharth S is so worried that they have more money. Arti says he supports people he likes. Shefali says I say what I find wrong. Shehnaaz says he does not change sides, he is a real man, he defends the people he supports, it is not like girls who change sides when they see the attention of children, I learn a lot from him.

Time: 5:00 PM

Devoleena tells Paras that we will break the glass of his weight box safe. Paras says you have to. Rashami takes a weight and goes to his safe. Arti takes the weight. Rashami tries to go to his safe, but Arti pushes her. Rashami laughs. Shefali removes the dumbbell from Devoleena. Shefali says that this weight should not fall on foot. Devoleena says he then leaves. Rashami takes Devoleena from there raising her. Shefali says I will defeat her if she returns.

Time: 5:30 PM

Bell rings. Bigg Boss asks Shukla and Paras to count the money in both safes. Paras and Shukla can’t decide. Bigg Boss asked them to return the money, we will tell them which team won. Siddharth S tells Asim that Abu gets excited. Rashami tells Siddharth S to cut the vegetables, she needs it. Shukla says we can eat without garlic. Rashami says that I make the food as you like it, you don’t like the spicy taste but everyone else does. She says I need tomatoes but you have to wash them because I have sinus problems. Shukla laughs.

Time: 7:00 PM

Bigg Boss says that Team A got 9K notes and Team B got 15K votes, so Team B. won because Devoleena is safe, Rashami and Mahira are nominated. Shukla laughs. Paras hugs Mahira and tells him not to worry.

Time: 7:30 PM

Shefali tells Siddharth D that if you stand with me, accompany me on all tasks. Siddharth D says that his team got 15K notes, I gave them 3K but if I gave them to them, then they could have won, listen to the good of others too, they won thanks to my 3K. Shefali says you don’t have an answer.

Time: 8:15 PM

Rashami tells Abu that I am famous, but this does not happen here, I am nominated for the third time, you cannot keep saying that I am famous, so I will be saved, Asim does not speak with him and listen only to this. She cries and says that I am nominated for the third time, I speak with you but you are partial and I will be out for that.

Arti is my good friend but she says that Siddharth S is playing for Arti but who is playing for me? Abu tells Asim and Siddharth S that Rashami is crying again, I don’t have a team. Shukla says that you must do your thing since you are strong from the mind, you will continue to think that we are influencing you. Abu says but you tell me to divide my money to favor a team. Shukla says that when they say we are forming a group, don’t you see it? Rashami made you think that I did all this to save Arti, she is my friend but I didn’t do it just for her.

Rashami tells Paras that Siddharth S is also skewing others. Siddharth S tells Abu that when his team was strong, they didn’t invite you to be on his side. Siddharth S tells Abu that he does this all the time, when he can’t get something, he starts crying. Abu says he was nominated three times but did not leave. Siddharth S says he does this for his benefit, he will break this group if he comes from this side. Abu says I did nothing wrong. Siddharth S says that we are a group and choose the right thing.

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